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SkatingJesus Andaroos Chronicles Chapter 3 hincass




: Playing with friendshipA few weeks have passed since i opened the first story, and i have to say that i am really enjoying the discussions with this community and that your feedbacks are really important to me. As i have promised before, in this chapter i will show you a glimpse of future chapters with more details and more surprises. Now let's get started... After the final dinner on the first day, Rob and Eliza didn't manage to gather that night to play some skates. Rob was busy working at the firm, Eliza wanted to sleep some, and the two of them didn't manage to connect at all. After a month, they finally managed to meet on Friday, as it was their turn to organise a game with friends. The game was called "Four corners", and the rules were simple, the teams would alternate the four corners for one round. The final score would be the sum of points reached on the four corners. In this game, each team would have a chance to reach 40 points, which is the maximum score for this game. In the two previous months, Eliza and Rob had managed to play other games with friends, like "Race", "Paintball", "Box ball", but every time they were just fun for them, and they enjoyed the time playing with them. On the contrary, this game "Four corners" wasn't just a regular game, but it was also a test to see how they would behave with other people, and a final test to see if they would stay together for a long time. Rob and Eliza had agreed to play in the same team, so they would compete against each other, and even if there was no rules between them, the fact that they would be together made it clear to them what they wanted from this game. They didn't talk much at the time of the game, as they were a bit worried about what could happen, but every time they tried to speak, their voice was taken away by the music playing at the house. The music was playing because it was a party night, and a lot of people had gathered in the house, so that they could party for a long time. The game started soon, as it was the turn of the first team to play. Rob and Eliza faced against their team: Tony, Scott and Andrea. The three of them were very serious during the game, and their matches were




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SkatingJesus Andaroos Chronicles Chapter 3 hincass

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