Throwback Thursday: Vintage '83 Sweater

Throwback Thursday:

If you’re new around here, you may not know how I celebrate Throwback Thursday! Every Thursday, I highlight a specific project I made awhile ago. It might be as recent as a couple months, or as old as a few years. It is simply a project you’ve never seen from me, or at least haven’t seen in a very long time.

I started doing it because I want to have a good reason to share my older projects with you, since I just started my YouTube channel this past May. I hope you keep reading about this week’s project, and check out the YouTube video! I also have a playlist for all my Throwback Thursday Episodes on my channel, so be sure to check that out if you haven’t watched them all ;)

This Week’s Project:

This week I am talking all about my Vintage ‘83 sweater by Andrea Mowry of DreaRenneeKnits. I think all knitters have probably heard of this sweater by now, because Andrea’s patterns are so popular! But if you haven’t heard of it or seen it...let me formally introduce you to mine.

This is a top down, circular yoke sweater. It uses fingering weight yarn, and has an all over body texture that uses just knit stitches and slip stitches. It is quick and easy to memorize, but makes a gorgeous texture! The yoke has brioche...but DON’T let that intimidate you. The brioche is so simple, that even a knitter with little brioche experience (like myself!) and easily knit it. The increase sections are separated by the brioche, which just means that you don’t have to increase while knitting brioche.

Yarn Used:

For this project, I used Yarn Bee Soft and Sleek DK in the color denim, and Loops and Threads Woolike in the color Rose. Like I said earlier, this is a fingering weight sweater. But the Soft and Sleek DK is definitely more of a fingering than a DK. It has over 400 yards per 100 grams, which is exactly the same as a traditional fingering weight skein. DK skeins typically have about 250 yards per 100 grams. With all that said...I easily achieved gauge with this yarn.

Size Made, and Modifications:

I made the smallest size the pattern, aka size 1. It fits me so well, and I just love the length. While I would not wear it with jeans (unless they were very high waisted), it is perfect over my favorite knit dresses.

I didn’t make any modifications to the pattern while knitting, however after finishing this sweater (actually, a few months after), I realized the neck was a bit stretched out and just too wide for my taste. To fix this, I simply threaded a strand of the same yarn through the folded neckline, and then knotted it to the circumference of the neck I wanted. It is perfect now, and you can’t even tell ;)

What Really Makes This Project Special:

What really makes this project special is the fact that I test knit it for Andrea. Test Knitting for her was a dream I wanted to fulfill, simply because the spots fill up fast, and her patterns are always so popular! I am so grateful I was accepted to test this sweater, and I hope to have the chance to test knit for her again in the future.

Would I Make This Project Again?

For sure! If I had the time, and if the yarn was just calling to be this sweater, I would love to knit it again. The brioche was so fun and intuitive, and the stitch pattern on the body made it quick to finish because of the short repeat. That, and the fact that it is cropped. I LOVED making this sweater.


YouTube Video:

Vintage '83 Sweater:

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