Throwback Thursday: Ranunculus!

Throwback Thursday:

If you’re new around here, you may not know how I celebrate Throwback Thursday! Every Thursday, I highlight a specific project I made a while ago. It might be as recent as a couple months, or as old as a few years. It is simply a project you’ve never seen from me, or at least haven’t seen in a very long time. I started doing it because I want to have a good reason to share my older projects with you, since I just started my YouTube channel this past May. I hope you keep reading about this week’s project, and check out the YouTube video! I also have a playlist for all my Throwback Thursday episodes, so be sure to check that out if you haven’t watched them all ;)

This Weeks’ Project:

This week I am talking all about my Ranunculus Sweater! You have most likely heard of this pattern, because it is very popular. However, if you haven’t...let me introduce you to it! The Ranunculus sweater is a top down knit sweater. It has lace at the top, and is worked with very large needles and fingering weight yarn to achieve a great drape. There are so many modifications in the pattern. You can do long sleeves or short sleeves, a wide neck or a narrower neck, cropped or not cropped...the list goes on!

For my sweater, I did the smaller neck option, and the short sleeves. I also made it cropped, which I LOVE. I love wearing this over dresses!

I didn’t make many modifications, but there is one big one. I went down to a size 10 needle for this sweater. I am really glad I made this mod. I love the gauge, and because of all the positive easy that was included in my size to begin with, it fits perfectly.

The yarn:

Like a good bit of the projects I make, the yarn is the reason I made this sweater! I was actually gifted this yarn from Claudia of Crochet Luna. It was such a sweet gesture, and a I appreciate it so very much.

The yarn was simply magical to work with. It is a single ply merino, and oh my, it felt so good on the needles! Zero splitting, smooth, and it allowed me to knit fast. It was pure bliss ;)

Would I make this project again?

Yes!! I loved making this sweater, and would 100% make a second. This yarn was lovely to work with that it will be hard to beat...but I do hope to find some other yarn one day that will work well!


Ranunculus Sweater Pattern

YouTube video

I hope you enjoyed hearing all about this Throwback Thursday project!

Until next time,

Amy Kate

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