Throwback Thursday: Iris Garden Hat

Throwback Thursday:

If you’re new around here, you may not know how I celebrate Throwback Thursday! Every Thursday, I highlight a specific project I made a while ago. It might be as recent as a couple months, or as old as a few years. It is simply a project you’ve never seen from me, or at least haven’t seen in a long time. I started doing it because I wanted to have a good reason to share my older projects with you, since I just started my YouTube channel this past May. I hope you keep reading about this week’s project, and check out the YouTube video! I also have a playlist for all my Throwback Thursday Episodes on my channel, so be sure to check that out if you haven’t already ;)

This week’s project:

This week’s project is the Iris Garden Hat by Rachel of Maven Crafted! I had the pleasure of testing this little beanie awhile back, and this was one of my favorite beanies to make...ever. Something about the stitch pattern, the yarn, and the needles just made it so fun! Speaking of the stitch pattern...isn’t it gorgeous? It looks like cables, and technically, they are. However, these ones are special because you don’t need a cable needle! And I don’t mean you can “get by” without using one...I mean it really isn’t necessary. That is definitely one of my favorite things about this beanie. I really, really love cables. However, the process of making them with a cable needle can be a bit time consuming. With faux cables (cables that don’t use a cable needle), you get the best of both worlds!

Rachel also just released the Iris Raglan sweater last week with the same little stitch detail! You can watch my video all about that beautiful sweater here. I am secretly hoping she comes out with a worsted weight version...eek!

The yarn:

For this beanie, I used Cascade Yarns Pacific Worsted in the color “63”. I just love this green, but with the name “Iris Garden” I just knew it was meant to be.

Would I make this project again?

Yes! Actually, I should really get on that. I think it would be such a great gift knit!

Click here for the FREE pattern

Click here for the video!

Until next time,

Amy Kate

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