The Lindy Kimono

The Lindy Kimono

This summer-weather-friendly crochet garment is a dream…

My newest pattern, and my first ever published crochet garment pattern, is the Lindy Kimono! Are you ready to hear all the details? Let’s talk about yarn, sizing, construction, and so much more.


Let’s be honest, the yarn is the most important part of this project. And even more specifically, the type of yarn.

Sometimes I choose the project, then I choose the yarn. Other times, I know what project I want to make/design based on the yarn. And other times, the most special times, are the ones when those two instances blend together in the most magical way.

I received this yarn from KnitPicks to use, design a project in, or anything in between. I talked unboxed and talked a bit about it in this video:

Lindy Chain is a fingering weight, cotton and linen blend that is absolutely perfect for any summer garment. As soon as I unboxed these colors I knew two things. One, it felt amazing! And two, they ALL had to go in one beautiful project together.

So I got swatchin’. Funny enough, I had already started a granny stripe crochet kimono pattern using different yarn. But the minute I started crocheting with this yarn, I KNEW it had to be that pattern. It had to use the granny stripe stitch, and it had to be striped.

Oh man. I was so excited!

Fast forward so many hours full of math, crocheting, re-crocheting (oh yes), pattern writing, pattern editing, and photographing...and here we are. It is out in the world!


I wanted this pattern to be size-inclusive, but not hard or confusing to read and follow. When you download the pattern, you will notice that it is divided into six sizes. S, M, L, XL, 2X, and 3X. I determine the sizes based on the back width.

To choose your size, pick the back panel width that is just a few inches shy of your bust measurement. This way, your kimono will be flowy and oversized.

For example, my bust is 31”, so I chose the size S. Above all, choose the size that is most comfortable to you!


The construction of the garment couldn’t be simpler. You start at the bottom of the back panel, and make a simple rectangle. On the last row of said rectangle, you crochet half way across, and continue along on only those stitches to create the first front panel. You then go back and repeat that step for the second front panel.

Lastly, you finish off, and simply seam up the sides of the kimono. Then that is IT. No added collar or sleeves. Just a simple, straight-foward, beautiful piece.

QUESTIONS: Do you have any questions about this pattern? Please do not hesitate to message me via Email, Instagram, Ravelry, or Etsy. You can find links to all those platforms at the top of the site. Your feedback is so important to me, as well as any questions!


Share your project! Use #lindykimono and #thegracefultangledesigns on Instagram, and teag me @thegracefultangle so I can see your beautiful creations!


Download the pattern on Ravelry:

Download the pattern on Etsy:


I hope you have enjoyed reading all about the Lindy Kimono. As always, don’t forget how much God loves YOU.

Until next time,

Amy Kate

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