TGT Episode 56 Shownotes

I’m so happy to be able to provide these show notes for y’all again this week. Of course, if you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Finished Objects:

None this week! Though I have lots of fun WIPs :)

Works in Progress:

Lindy Kimono

  • Yarn: WeCrochet Lindy Chain in “Ash”

  • Pattern: This is one of my own patterns, the Lindy Kimono! I have now completed the back panel, and would love to finish at least one front panel this week!

June Socks

Blue Ridge Shawl

Design Talk:

Best Dude Socks

  • Yarn: Koi Fish Fibers “Into the Woods”

  • First sock complete!

Twenty Four Threads Sock Collab

  • So beyond thrilled about this collaboration! I am partnering with Twenty Four Threads (Lauren, a pattern designer and yarn dyer!) to create this beautiful kit. Stay tuned for a tester call *tomorrow* if you would love to test knit these socks!

Chevron Blanket

  • Slowly but surely making progress on this blanket design with Brava Worsted!

Pretty Twisted Socks

  • Another collab! I am partnering with Pretty Twisted Yarns for this new design, and I am so excited about it. It took quite a while to get these socks going, but I am so happy with my progress. Let me know what you think!


I recently completed a week-long devotional by She Reads Truth, and I couldn’t recommend it more. It is called the “Open Your Bible” reading plan, and you can find it for free on their website.

I found myself longing for a good, solid devotional...but also something simple. This was the perfect answer. Each day had a different topic, and they were all short. I was able to read what the author wrote, then take my time going through the assigned verses. I gained so much in such a short period of time.

This devotional reminded me of the simple fact that God just wants to spend time with us. On one hand, He is asking for a lot...for us to devote our entire lives to Him. But on the other, much like a true earthly father, he always wants what is best for us. When we truly devote ourselves to spending time with Him, he will devote time to us. We can’t expect questions to be answered, problems to be solved, and dreams to come true if we aren’t willing to dedicate a portion of our day to Him.

I encourage to set aside a few minutes every day to spend with him. This can be in prayer, simply reading the bible, or walking through a daily devotional. I promise that it completely changes the outlook of your day :)

Find the devotional I followed here:

I also talked about a little life update and shared a sweet gift from a viewer.

Watch the full podcast here

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Until next time,

Amy Kate <3

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