TGT Episode 46 Shownotes

I’m so happy to be able to provide these show notes for y’all again this week. Of course, if you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Finished Objects:

March Socks

Bluebird Shawl

  • Yarn: WeCrochet Comfy Worsted in Hydrangea

  • Pattern: The Bluebird Shawl by me!

  • I updated this pattern last week, and adore how this version turned out! The drape in this yarn is unreal. I can’t wait to use it for future designs! (wink wink)

Works in Progress:

Sand and Ocean Cardigan:

  • Yarn: Knit Picks City Tweed DK

  • Pattern: Sand and Ocean Cardigan by Julie of Twin Stitches Designs

  • Notes: I was able to get this started this week...and I am in love! It is so so much fun to work on!

Dress Me Bunnies

  • Pattern: Dress Me Bunny by Sharon Ojala

  • Yarn: Crafter’s Secret in White

  • These are a commission that have to be done ASAP, so it is my focus! I have both bodies completely done, and will be making the clothes this week!

Maple Grove Cardigan

  • Pattern: Maple Grove Cardigan by Janine of Knits and Knots

  • Yarn: Cascade Yarns Pacific Worsted

  • I am testing this pattern for Janine and having so much fun!

Design Talk:

Vanilla Socks

  • I am SO excited to be releasing something super fun very soon, so stay tuned! Until then, you will just have to wait :) But not long!

Bluegrass Socks

  • This design is in testing now, and I am working on my second pair!


Whew. What. A. Week.

Before I jump into a devotional, we really have to just talk about a little life update first. Because in reality, it was a crazy intense week. But you know what? God’s grace is always sufficient.

We are so undeserving of his grace and love, yet he gives it in overwhelming abundance to every single one of us. Every single human! I mean, how amazing is that? The subject I really wanted to talk about is how evident he is in ALL things. This week was difficult in many ways, but school was the highest on the list. I had two big exams, and summer registration opened. There was confusion surrounding my scholarship, there is an overwhelming amount of classes that still have to be taken...and it is a lot. And it is extremely difficult.

However, so many questions have been answered. I am beyond grateful! Then moving on to the next subject...the weather. Oh man. Alabama is an amazing place to live, but NOT because of the weather. These days, one week and look like a 60 degree day, overcast, sunny, torrential rain, thunderstorms, and tornadoes. In the same week.

Thursday was awful. So much damage was done due to tornadoes. I am grateful to be fine, but one got way too close for comfort. That same tornado caused so much destruction. Lives were lost, homes were destroyed, and lives were changed. It is heartbreaking.

However, God is still so so good. Whatever battle you are facing right now, God is BIGGER. He is more powerful than a tornado, more beautiful than a sunset, brighter than a bolt of lightning, louder than a clap of thunder, more graceful than the subtle win, and provides a warmer embrace than the sun. He is on the throne, and cares for YOU. Always. Forever. No conditions.

I hope and that this little devotion added some positivity and encouragement to your week. We live in a broken world...but there is still so much beauty. I challenge you to have eyes to see it :)

I am so grateful for YOU!

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Until next time,

Amy Kate <3

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