TGT Episode 31 Shownotes

I’m so happy to be able to provide these show notes for y’all again this week. Of course, if you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Finished Objects:

I have a few things to share with you as finished objects AGAIN this week! Yay ;)

Commission Single Arrow Cowls:

- I accomplished my goal of finishing all these cowls this week, and I am so thankful they’re off my plate. But I am also grateful I had the opportunity to make them.

-I used Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn

- Also, I used my Single Arrow Cowl Pattern, which you can find here. Really like how they turned out!

-Oh, and just to note...I actually went down to a size I (5.5mm) since this yarn was a tad thinner than what I used in the original design.

Anouk Pullover:

-That’s right. IT IS DONE. And it is by far one of my most favorite crochet sweaters I have ever made! I love it so so much.

- I used Knit Picks Static in the colorway peachy, which you can check out here.

- I will have an entire video dedicated to this pattern when it releases, so be on the look out for that!

Sweetheart Sweater:

I also chat briefly about another sweater that I recently finished, which is the sweetheart sweater for Kay of Kay Krochets. This is a brand new pattern, and you can find my video all about it here, or the pattern here.

Works in Progress:

Caleb’s Socks:

- I was honestly hoping to finish these this week, but that is totally ok. I am on track to finish them soon, and I made some much progress on so many other things this week.

- Adapted the numbers to attempt to get this socks to fit my little bro’s feet, but I am using The Crazy Sock Lady’s Vanilla Sock Recipe!

- The yarn I am using is Knit Picks Static in the colorway Terrarium. I love this yarn so much!

Needles: size 1, 2.25 mm

Check out the yarn here

Infinity Scarf:

- Pattern by Bella of Bella's Custom Crochets

- Using Michaels Loops and Threads Barcelona

- I just love this pattern! You can check out my Throwback Thursday video all about it here.

Design Talk:

I showed not one, not two, but three new designs that will be coming very soon, and I chatted briefly about plans for a fourth. So excited about these new projects ;)



Each week in December, I want to chat about a specific word that I typically think of when I think of the word Christmas, or Christ’s birthday. This week is love.

1 Corinthians 16:4 says, “Let all that you do be done in love.” It’s that simple. There are an infinite number of bible verses and words of wisdom that I can quote about love. Because love itself is infinite. It is never failing, never changing, and never forgotten.

Just think. God loved us-you-so much that He sacrificed His one and only Son so that we could have internal life with Him. So that we could have a personal relationship with the Father. There is no greater love than this.

1 Corinthians 13:13 says, “So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”

1 John 14:9 says, “We love because He first loved us.”

Guys, love is beautiful. It is infinite. We will experience many types of love on this Earth, all with different people and experiences. I pray that I continue to experience love.

However, and more importantly, I pray that I, and you, continue to show love to everyone I come in contact with. I can never really understand what others might be going through, but because I know how much my God loves me despite all the mistakes I have made, I know that I can do my best to show others that same love. You never know what small act can lead others to Christ, and that, my friends, is our true goal in life.

As always, I hope this little segment was encouraging to you. I pray that you continue to seek ways to love others!

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Until next time,

Amy Kate <3

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