TGT Episode 24 Shownotes

I’m so happy to be able to provide these show notes for y’all again this week. I’ve included links to the things I talked about in this episode below. Of course, if you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Finished Objects:

Husband’s Favorite Socks:

- I am SO so happy with how these socks turned out! I can’t wait to make another pair ;)

- Yarn: KnitPicks Static, and man oh man do I LOVE it

- Pattern by Julie of TwinStitchesDesigns, highly recommend checking it out! It is free in her Ravelry shop!

Works in Progress:

All of the Lights Cardigan

- Sample knit for Addyson of Ruby and Roses Yarn!

- Loving this so far :)

- Making size M/L

- I have made quite a bit of progress this week, and it feels so good!

And...that is it. Only one WIP! Crazy I know. I am still working on the kimono, but haven’t made any more progress since last week...which isn’t surprising at all.

Design Talk:

- New beanie coming tomorrow!

- And a HUGE announcement coming Thursday ;)

- Making progress on the new kimono design!


This week I chatted about something that you’ll hear more about in my October Recap video coming later this week.

To put it simply, God has been teaching me a LOT about being grateful even through struggles. I think this is a topic that a lot of us can relate to throughout everything that has happened in 2020.

Now, this year is a whole separate topic in and of itself. However, being grateful is something that I believe should always be practice, no matter the season.

I have talked a lot about school the past couple months, but that is the season I am in! I like sharing bits and pieces with y’all. I like being real and honest ;)

In short, college is difficult. I could write so many words about this experience, and it has only been two and half months. I never expected college to be easy. Though, being honest, I didn’t expect it to be this hard either.

That being said. I DO love it. I remind myself of that daily. I truly enjoy learning, and am so grateful to be learning so much! The feeling I have when I understand something is unforgettable, and I will never ever get tired of it!

So...all that aside, I encourage you to be grateful. Find something-anything-to be grateful for, and write it down. Make a list. Read that list. Remember that list. Focus on that list. Negativity, aka sin, will always be here. We can’t make it go away because we are humans. But we CAN make a choice. We can make a choice to be grateful for all the good things God has placed in our lives, big and small.

As this week goes on, focus on being grateful. Maybe it’ll be hard at first, but I promise you there will be a mindset switch, and it’ll change you in such a great way. I challenge you to let God work in ways we can’t even imagine!

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Until next time,

Amy Kate <3

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