TGT Episode 114 Shownotes

I’m so happy to be able to provide these show notes for y’all again this week. Of course, if you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Finished Objects

Baby Blanket

  • Finished! Turned out so cute and precious.


  • I got the itch to make some beanies this week, so I did! This pattern is my own, and it’ll be released later on!


  • This is an unusual project for me, but it was so fun to work up and so crazy quick. Let me know if you’d be interested in the pattern!

Works in Progress

Cotton Scrappy Blanket

  • Aiming to finish this blanket next, and I’m working on it 20 mins a day. We will see how long it takes to finish!

Tank Top

  • This definitely looks unusual as a WIP, but I’m loving it nonetheless!

  • Yarn: WeCrochet Cotlin

  • Pattern: Sea Breeze Tank Top by For The Frills

Design Talk

Bulky Brilliant Beanie

  • I got the itch to make some beanies this week, so I did! This pattern will be released soon!


For devotional today, I wanted to share a song I’ve been listening to frequently lately and it has been so encouraging!

Heaven Song by Phil Wickham is one of my favorites, especially the chorus.

“I want to run on greener pastures, I want to dance on higher hills, I want to drink from sweeter water in the misty morning chill. My soul is getting restless for the place where I belong, I can’t wait to join the angels and sing my heaven song.”

I think this song perfectly captures how the world we’re in now isn’t heaven and it isn’t the end. There is SO much beauty on this Earth, but truly, it doesn’t compare to the beauty of heaven. God is so good!

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Have a great week,

Amy Kate

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