Sweetheart Sweater Pattern Release!

Y'all...this is one of the most beautiful crochet sweater patterns I have ever seen, and it was designed by one of my most special virtual fiber friends ;). The Sweetheart Sweater is a beginner-friendly, textured, lightweight, crocheted sweater designed by Kayla of Kay Krochets. And it is available TODAY!

Kay private messaged me a few weeks ago asking if I could test this sweater pattern for her...quickly. Even though I was a little stressed out just thinking about it, I was so so honored. I couldn't believe she approached ME. I am so thankful and grateful! Needless to say, I was able to complete it on time, and I love it so much! Let's talk a little about my sweater, shall we?

I used a yarn I have been wanting to try for a while now, 44th Street from Yarn Bee. Now, I must admit, I actually don't love this yarn. It is extremely difficult to rip back, and splits a little too easily for my liking. However, I did enjoy trying it out! And to be frank, Kay and I literally swatched with every yarn I could get my hands on and this was the only one that met gauge. It was quite hilarious!

I would love to make another one one day and use the same yarn that Kay used, because I think it would be so beautiful! I have noticed that the yarn she used gives even more beautiful stitch definition.

I made just a couple of modifications, and I talked all about them in the video. To put it simply, I adjusted the neckline to ensure it would not be too wide for me. I simply chained a few more stitches for the ribbing, and slip stitched three times along the neckline instead of just twice. You'll notice that my sweater has 3/4 length sleeves! This was actually due to some miscommunication, but I actually LOVE how they turned out. If you'd like to shorten your sleeves too, just follow the instructions that Kay gives in the pattern! I can personally attest to the fact that they are flawless ;)

I hope you enjoyed hearing all about my sweater! Be sure to check out the video all about it here, and the pattern itself here. Again, I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to test for Kay again, and can't wait for future opportunities. She inspires me daily...and one day I hope to inspire as many people as she does.

Until next time,

Amy Kate

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