Simply Wool Twist Yarn Review

Welcome to another yarn review:

If you’re new around here, let me introduce you to another yarn review! I love to share and review different yarns with y’all, and let you know my honest thoughts. As always, I have an accompanying YouTube video to go along with this post that goes into deep detail as well! Be sure to check that out by clicking the picture below, or the link at the bottom of the page ;)

The Yarn:

KnitPicks/WeCrochet’s brand new yarn, Simply Wool Twist, has quickly become one of my absolute favorites. It is a 100% eco wool yarn...and y’all...I’m kinda sorta in love with the smell! Is that weird? It just smells like a sheep. Which warms my heart. I love it ;)

What I like to make with it:

I always think it is helpful to give advice on what to make with a certain yarn. Sometimes it can be hard to choose a projects, whether it is simply because of indecisive-ness, or just not knowing what that yarn would work best for.

For this yarn, I highly recommend knitting/crocheting something that is designed to keep you warm. Some examples would be a sweater, hat, scarf, or cowl. Wool naturally keeps you warm, so if you choose a project with that in mind, you will be more successful! And spoiler...I have a new design coming *very* soon using this yarn. Just wait. I am SO excited about it!

Other notes:

One thing that I have found, and love, about this yarn is that though it is plied, it does not split at all. I LOVE it when a yarn doesn’t split! When it happens, it is very frustrating. It slows me down, and can cause issues in the future if I split a stitch without knowing it. I have not found that this yarn splits at all, and that makes me SO happy and excited to continue to work with it!

I also really love the color options that KnitPicks/WeCrochet has to offer. They’re very natural and subdued, and I like that! It enhances the “natural” vibe this yarn possesses.

If you’re wanting a fingering weight version, check out Palette Twist! It is a bit different, but very similar. I am looking forward to trying it soon!

Is it scratchy? This is a question I knew I wanted to answer. I would say no. Yes, it is wool, and thus not butter-soft, but at the same time, it isn’t toothy. I don’t love wearing scratchy things (at all), but the design that I created using this yarn is something I will get tons of use out of! (stay tuned)

Lastly, if you do love vibrant colors, check out Wool of the Andes. It is also a wool yarn, and comes in TONS of colors.

Should you buy it?

If you enjoy wool yarns, I highly recommend giving this a go ;)


Check out the video on YouTube!

Check out the yarn on KnitPicks

Check out the yarn on WeCrochet


Stay tuned for Wednesday, September 9 for a super exciting announcement using this yarn! Any guesses?

Until next time,

Amy Kate

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