September Sunset Shawl Pattern Release

It’s pattern release day!

If you’re new here, you may or may not know one of my biggest 2020 goals. For the year of 2020, I decided to challenge myself to release one pattern every single week. Let me tell you...this is a loft goal. But so far I have stuck to it, and I am so proud of myself! Throughout this journey, I have completely fallen in love with designing knit and crochet patterns. It is absolutely amazing to be able to dream up a pattern, make it, write it, and then PUBLISH it as your own. The feeling is one I will always remember. And thankfully, one that I continue to live!

The pattern:

This week’s pattern is the September Sunset Shawl! I am in love with how this shawl turned out. The process of creating this pattern was very, very long, and I had a LOT of failed attempts. However, I am so happy with the final product!

The yarn:

The yarn I used for this shawl was absolutely magical to work with. I used WeCrochet Stroll Glimmer, and the Sunset Mini Pack. Creating this pattern may have been tedious, but getting to work with this yarn for so long was so enjoyable. I can’t wait to use it again!

If you’d like to substitute the WeCrochet yarn for another type, you absolutely can! Simply choose one 100 gram skein/hank of fingering weight yarn for your Main Color (MC), and then either a set of 5, 20 gram, minis, or a second 100 gram skein. You could also probably get by with just 50 grams. The possibilities are endless. Of course, you could easily do a one color version as well ;). I for one am looking forward to making a second!

A few other details:

I include a long list of helpful notes in the pattern, so be sure to read those before starting! I promise each one is there for a reason.

You could easily make this shawl bigger or smaller! Once you start following the pattern, you will notice a repeat. Simply keep increasing, and it will get bigger and bigger.

This pattern is written row by row with stitch counts at the end of each row. My goal in doing this was to make it as easy to follow as possible for as many crocheters as possible. However, if you’re a seasoned crocheter, you will quickly notice a repeat.

If you want help getting started, check out this video!

If you want more tips, tricks, and helpful hints, check out this video

Download the pattern:

Use the code “sunset” on Ravelry to download this pattern for free! Alternatively, you could pay the $2.00 to support me ;)

Download on Etsy

Watch the video!

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