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Product Review: KnitPicks Needle Binder

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The KnitPicks Needle Binder is a great way to store all your interchangeable needles and notions. It comes with individual “pages” that are easy to remove, and even easier to fill ;).

My Honest Review:

First Impressions:

When the needle binder first came out a while back, I immediately knew that it was a purchase I wanted to make. I had been looking for something that could hold all of my interchangeable needles, as well as their notions. I was tired of cases that didn’t hold the needles tight enough, didn’t have room to store anything, or weren’t “cute”.

I value functionality much more than cuteness or prettiness, but when a product looks as good as the KnitPicks needle binder AND functions to its utmost potential, I knew I had found a winner!

After I purchased the binder, and received it in the mail, I immediately filled it with all my knitting goodies. At first, I wanted to put everything in it. Crochet hooks, DPNs, interchangeable needles, fixed circs, cables, notions...all of it.

Using the Product:

- I quickly realized that while the binder was incredible and could hold a lot of stuff....It couldn’t hold everything. So, I paired it down. I don’t use DPNs often, so I decided to take that entire page out. I also decided to take out my crochet hooks.

I decided that I only wanted to store my interchangeable needles and notions, and then a few fixed circs in it.

- I also wanted to add more interchangeable needle tip pages, and so I actually emailed customer service to ask for some! They soon came out with a way to purchase the individual pages, and I am so happy they did!

Any cons?:

- I LOVE this product. Honest. It is extremely durable, resists water and dirt, fits the needles snuggly, etc.

- If I could change a couple things, I would do this: There is not really a good way to store short tips. They slide down the pouches, instead of staying up at the top and visible like the longer tips. I wish they had a page, or even separate case, made for shorter tips, but until then I have an idea that just might work! I will be sharing more on that in a separate post very soon ;)

- Also, I think it would be nice if the inner fabric was a different color. Overall, I actually really like the way the black looks. However, it attracts cat fur (of which we have an abundance), and other yarn/dust fuzzies. See the picture above to see what I mean. That being said, I like the dark interior because it does not attract excess dirt or grime. You can’t have it all, right? ;)


- These opinions are all my own. I paid for this binder with my own money, and decided to make this honest review for anyone who might be looking to purchase this product for themselves!

The Big Question...Should You Buy It?:

- If you have multiple sets (as in, more than two) of interchangeable needles, and lots of cables or other notions, I would say YES. If you are willing to pay the price of course. I havd used this product daily since the day I got it, and I would buy it again in a heartbeat.

- That being said, if you have two sets of interchangeable needles or less, I would suggest starting with the KnitPicks Interchangeable Needle Case. This case holds two sets, and also has room for notions and cables. The price point is significantly lower, so I think it is wise to try it out! I have two of the standard interchangeable cases, and love them both! I actually use one to store interchangeable tunisian crochet hooks, and the other to store some crochet hooks. They work GREAT.

I hope you have enjoyed this review! Be sure to watch the video to fully see how I organize everything, and let me know if you would like to see other product reviews like this. Feel free to send me an email at! I love and appreciate your feedback.

Until next time,

Amy Kate

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