Pattern Release: Ursina Sweater

If you’ve been following me for a little while, you probably know that I LOVE testing patterns. I love using the experience as an opportunity to meet new people (the other testers), work with designers, and learn more and more about different designer’s processes. I am so grateful for each and every pattern that I have been able to test! And let me assure you...this one is no different.

The Designer:

Jacqui is so incredible! She creates the most wonderful size inclusive patterns, and they are all so beautiful. Her pattern layout is different than anything I have ever followed, but wowzers is it GENIUS.

The Testing Process:

The testing process for this sweater went so smoothly! The pattern was pretty much already perfect, which is just awesome. It was held on Slack, which really is a great platform for group chats! I am still learning the ins and outs of it, but it is pretty easy to use!

The Pattern:

The Ursina sweater pattern is extremely size inclusive, and so much FUN to knit. I adore all the little details, such as the half brioche triangle and the raglan increases. It is such a wonderful pattern!

The Deets about my Sweater:

- I made the size XS/1

- I used Cascade Pacific Worsted, and achieved perfect gauge!

- I made the cropped version, and though I love it, I wish it were 3 inches longer. Then it would be PERFECT. Looks like I will be making a second, hehe!

- The they are perfect. I have never made a knitted sweater in which the sleeves fit SO perfectly! It is awesome.

I love this sweater, and I can’t wait to see YOURS! Check out the pattern linked below, and watch the full video ;)

Check out the pattern

Watch the video

Until next time,

Amy Kate

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