Pattern Release: Peek-a-Boo Maxi Skirt

If you’ve been following me for a little while, you probably know that I LOVE testing patterns. I love using the experience as an opportunity to meet new people (the other testers), work with designers, and learn more and more about different designer’s processes. I am so grateful for each and every pattern that I have been able to test! And let me assure you...this one is no different.

The Designer:

Chantal of Knitatude is just AMAZING. That is the best word. She is hilarious, an amazing maker, and a pattern writing genius. She creates garment patterns that are not only drop dead gorgeous, but also perfect for the beginner knitter. But if you are a more advanced knitter, they’re great for you too! She has SO many patterns to choose from, and my goodness, I wish I didn’t have to sleep. Because seriously, I would just knit them ALL. Personally I can’t wait to make the Syngonium Sweater, but that will have to wait just a bit longer ;) #waytoobusyallthetime

The Testing Process:

The testing process for any of Chantal’s patterns is always incredible. I have test knit for her quite a few times now, and have fully enjoyed every one. You guessed it, this one was no different! She hosts her group chats on IG, which is my personal favorite way, and is always so active in the chat. I don’t know how in the world she has the time, but I admire her for it!

The Pattern:

The Peekaboo Maxi Skirt is AWESOME. It is the perfect mindless knit, yet yields the most beautiful finished object. It is almost entirely stockinette, but has a bit of lace at the bottom, and then finishes off with a few rounds of garter. The waistband is my favorite part! You create it by knitting a piece in the round, then folding it and encasing elastic. It is explained so well in the pattern, and is brilliantly simple. I love how smooth and professional it looks, because I wanted to be able to have it showing! And I totally can ;)

The Deets about my SKIRT:

- My first ever knitted skirt...and the first skirt I have worn in a LONG time. Haha!

- Made size XS/1

- Used KnitPicks Swish DK in the colorway Delft Heather (I stinkin love it)

- Followed the pattern exactly, and it fits perfectly!

I love this skirt so much, and I can’t wait to see YOURS! Check out the pattern linked below, and be sure to watch the full YouTube video!

Check out the pattern

Watch the video

Browse the other amazing Knitatude patterns

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