Many Moons Hat Release!

If you’ve been following me for a little while, you probably know that I LOVE testing patterns. I love using the experience as an opportunity to meet new people (the other testers), work with designers, and learn more and more about different designer’s processes. I am so grateful for each and every pattern that I have been able to test! And let me assure you...this one is no different.

The Designer:

Emma, the designer behind all things Bloom and Create, is a simply wonderful human being. I am truly honored to be able to follow her on social media, and watch her designs flourish! She has a blog, and also a beautiful Instagram feed. I highly suggest checking them out, and giving her a follow!

The Testing Process:

The testing process for this beanie was a dream. It went smoothly, there were so few errors in the pattern, and Emma was a pleasure to work with. As I have mentioned before, it can be difficult sometimes to only be able to communicate through words via IG, Slack, Email, etc. However, I truly admire it when a designer is active in the group, and responds to questions quickly. It is hard to reply to everyone, especially when this little testing group is not all you have going on! Therefore, grace is always freely given by me as a fellow test knitter. However, Emma was always so quick to reply! Because this pattern was just about flawless to being with, few questions were asked. But still, every time someone sent a photo, or simply commented, she replied quickly. I love that! Oh, and did I mention she is just so sweet?

The Pattern:

Are you ready to talk about this adorable little hat? The Many Moons Hat is a bottom up, fingering weight, fair isle beanie knit in the round. I adore fair isle. I find it so hard to put the project down, because I want to continue to see those little designs form! It is so magical.

I used KnitPicks Palette for my beanie, and I love how it turned out. I went through quite a few color options, but oh man...I am so glad I settled on this one! I love how they contrast well, but the colors themselves are still subdued. It is so beautiful! I decided to make a pom pom using my two colors held together, but you could easily change that!

One knitter used GLOW IN THE DARK yarn for her contrast color (the actual moons). I mean, what?! I can’t even imagine how cool that looks! She said she was going to use it when she goes camping so she doesn’t lose her hat. Genius. I totally have to get my hands on some glow in the dark yarn sometime...I just know my brothers would love a hat out of it! Haha!

Ok, go download the pattern! You’re going to love making it so much ;)

Get the Pattern on Ravelry here

Check out Emma’s blog

Check out Emma on IG

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