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Knobbly Beanie | Free Pattern

Designed with the previously released Knobby Socks in mind, this beanie features the same “knobbly” texture. Designed with a slouchy fit, ribbed brim, and simple decreases, it is sure to be a fun knit and welcomed addition to your hat collection!


  • 100 grams of any worsted weight yarn. Sample uses Knit Picks High Desert in Bare

  • Size 8 (5.00 mm) circular needles, suitable for the method of your choice

  • Scissors and a yarn needle

  • Ruler to check gauge

  • Stitch marker suitable for knitting in the round


In order to ensure that the hat will fit its intended recipient, I suggest checking gauge.

16 stitches and 24 rounds = 4 inches in stockinette stitch worked in the round


CO: cast on

k: knit

p: purl

pm: place marker

beg: beginning

ea: each

st(s): stitch(es)

k3tog: knit 3 stitches together

p3tog: purl 3 stitches together

*...*: repeat the instructions in the asterisks

Helpful Tutorials

Closing the top of a beanie:


Sizing Notes

  • This pattern is designed to fit baby-adults and distributed into four sizes that are written as S(M, L, XL). Each size measures approximately 16(18, 20, 22) inches when finished. Each size will fit many heads, so I recommend choosing the size that best suits your negative/positive ease preferences.

Pattern Notes

  • Find the yarn featured in this pattern here.

  • This beanie is worked in the round, so be sure to place a stitch at the beginning of every round.

  • You can use any method you would like to work in the round. I personally prefer using a 16” circular needle, then switching to magic loop/DPNs for the crown of the beanie.

  • This beanie is designed to be a bit slouchy, but instructions are provided if you would like to alter this.


CO 64(72, 80, 88) sts using the long tail cast on method, and pm to mark the beg of ea round.

Rounds 1-6(8, 10, 12)

*k1, p1* around

Proceed to Body Instructions


Rounds 1-2

*p1, k1* around

Rounds 3-4

*k1, p1* around

Repeat Rounds 1-4 until the beanie measures 6(7, 8, 9) inches from the cast on edge. If you would like your beanie to be less/more slouchy, simply work less/more pattern repeats.

Proceed to Crown Instructions


Round 1

*k3tog, p1* around. 32(36, 40, 44) sts

Round 2

*k1, p1* around. 32(36, 40, 44) sts

Round 3

*p3tog, k1* around. 16(18, 20, 22) sts

Round 4

*p1, k1* around. 16(18, 20, 22) sts

Round 5

*k1, p3tog* around. 8(9, 10, 11) sts

Proceed to Finishing Instructions


Cut yarn, and weave through rem sts with the tail. Refer to this tutorial if needed.

Most hats are fine without blocking, since they will naturally shape to fit the recipient’s head over time. However, feel free to spritz the beanie, and place it on a head form to shape.

Lastly, enjoy and show off your beautiful new beanie, or gift it to someone special. If desired, share it on Instagram using the #knobblybeanie #thegracefultangle and tag @thegracefultangle!

I hope you enjoyed following this pattern! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send an email to Don't forget to follow along on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook and to stay in the loop!

Until next time,

Amy Kate

*This post contains affiliate links, which allow me to make a small commission at no additional charge to you. Thank you!

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