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Knitter's Pride J'Adore Needle Set

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Knitter's Pride recently sent me their newest needle set, the J'Adore Set! These needles are SO beautiful. Keep reading to hear my thoughts, and be sure to check out the full unboxing video as well!

Needle Set Highlights:

- Cubic style needle shape! Though it sounds strange at first, the cube shape of the needle shaft makes them SO comfortable to use. It is the perfect place for your finger(s) to rest.

- Wooden tips make each needle incredibly lightweight.

- Sharpe Tips...but not too sharp. These needles aren't as sharp as some, but it my opinion, they are perfect! They are just sharp enough to comfortably knit without splitting the yarn/stitches, but not too sharp that they leave a hole in your finger. Been there, done that.

Also, can we just talk about the presentation? These needles come in a velvet zipper pouch, with a separate case for the tips. It is my first time having a system like this, but I LOVE it. It is great to have a place to put all the accessories, but also having the tips separate. It has been a game changer.

In addition to the tips, you will receive interchangeable cables, heart shaped stitch markers, endcaps, and cord connectors.

This set was designed with Mother's Day in mind, so if you're mother knits...or if you're a mother yourself and need a little gift...this is such a special idea! That said, I'm not a mom and I enjoy these so much. I bet you will too!

Find the set here:

Watch the full YouTube Unboxing Video here:

Until next time,

Amy Kate

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