KnitPicks Prism Needle Set Review

Welcome to another product review! I love taking the time to share a wonderful product with you guys, and give you my honest opinions. I hope you enjoy this one, and that you find it helpful. Let me know if there are any other products you'd like to see me review!

The Needle Set:

This Interchangeable needle set is fantastic for multiple reasons! I (generally) prefer metal/aluminum/nickel plated needles because they are smooth and slick, allowing me to knit faster. These Prism needles are no different!

Pros of these needles:

- They are color coded! This is a huge plus. It is so easy to tell the difference between different sizes, which is handy in so many ways.

- The sizes are laser printed (and engraved) into the needles, so they won’t rub off. Tune in to the video to know why I love that so much ;)

- Very smooth joins...always a plus and important trait in interchangeable needles!

- Like most knitpicks needle sets, they are very affordable!

- Great range of sizes, 4-11 (3.5-8.0 mm)

- Like all KnitPicks needle sets, they come with a case. Now, I don’t recommend storing them in this case long run because it isn’t super durable, but KnitPicks also carries awesome needle cases. I suggest checking them out ;)

- The biggest pro about these needles is something I discussed in the video. Nickel is a fairly common allergy, and I have had questions before about what metal needles people who are allergic to nickel should use. The Prism set is definitely a great option. Because they are aluminum, not nickel, they're really the next best thing!


- Honestly, I really love everything about these needles. If you prefer to knit with very slick needles, you might not enjoy these as much because they have a *slight* grip to them. I think a lot of you would enjoy these feature, as it allows you to knit fast, while not having to worry as much about stitches sliding off accidentally. However, we are all different!

- Also, if you like quiet needles...these aren’t for you. They are pretty noisy! I find the noise therapeutic though ;)

I hope this little review was helpful for you! If you have any other questions about this needle set, don’t hesitate to message me! Also, let me know if there are any other needle sets/products you would like to see me review!

Check out the full video here

Check out the needle set here

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