KnitPicks Nickle Plated Needle Set Review

The needle set:

This Interchangeable Needle Set is my most favorite set I have to date! The Nickel Plated needles are smooth and slick, allowing me to knit faster. The needle tips are a comfortable length for knitting large projects in the round, which eliminates any cramping. Continue reading to see my full review, and click on the picture below to watch the YouTube video that is loaded with details!

Pros of these needles:

- Because these needles are nickel plated, they are super slick. This allows you to knit even faster...thus getting more done!

- Like I mentioned earlier, these needles are also a very comfortable length for working large projects in the round. Though, I have also knit things flat, such as dishcloths, using these needles and they are very comfortable to use for that as well!

- The join is very smooth. Because of the way the needles tapers down to the cable, the stitches don’t get stuck going from the cable to the needle. This is a huge pro, as some sets to do not have this feature. I talk about this in more depth in the video!

- They come with a case. All of the KnitPicks Options Needle Sets come with a clear, vinyl case. While this really isn’t the best solution long-term, it makes the price point even better. I store these needles in their own special case, which I will review at a later date. For now, go see it in the video!

- Wide size range. I love how many needle tip sets come in one set of KnitPicks Needles. 9! Ranging from size 4-11, this set really has you covered, whether you are working with fingering weight yarn or bulky.


- Personally and honestly, there really isn’t anything I don’t like about these needles. - However, there is one thing that I have only experienced a couple of times, but is worth noting.

- Because the needles are hard and round, sometimes my thumb will cramp just a bit, from the pressure of holding the needle. I realize this a funny issue, but if your hands are older, or sensitive, it might be worth noting.

- However, if that is an issue for you, KnitPicks has a set just for that! The majestic foursquare needles are square needles, which are incredibly ergonomic. In fact, right now, if you spend $65 or more on KnitPicks, you can get a FREE try-it set and try out both the foursquare needles and these awesome nickle plated needles!

I hope you enjoyed this review! Again, these really are my favorite needles as of right now. I just love how slick they are. Be sure to check out the full YouTube video!

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