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KnitPicks Gloss Yarn Review

Welcome to another yarn review:

If you’re new around here, let me introduce you to another yarn review! I love to share and review different yarns with y’all, and let you know my honest thoughts. As always, I have an accompanying YouTube video to go along with this post that goes into deep detail as well! Be sure to check that out by clicking the picture below, or the link at the bottom of the page.

The Yarn:

KnitPicks/WeCrochet (sister companies!) Gloss is a new to me yarn, but I love it! I used it earlier this summer to make the Together We Knit socks by Julie of Twin Stitches Designs, and quickly fell in love with it.

What I like to make with it:

I always think it is helpful to give advice on what to make with a certain yarn. Sometimes it can be hard to choose a project, whether it is simply because of indecisive-ness, or just not knowing what that yarn would work best for.

Like I mentioned earlier, I have knit one pair of socks so far with this yarn. I love how they turned out, and I totally plan on making another pair! Maybe a design :) I also think this yarn would be great for other small summer accessories, such as yoga socks, headbands, scrunchies, and the like.

Gloss also comes in a DK weight option, which I plan on using for an upcoming beanie design. It is so plump and squishy!

Other notes:

  • Splitting is something that I quickly notice in yarn, and greatly dislike. However, it is not an issue with Gloss!

  • I also love the color palette of Gloss. There is a reason KnitPicks sells one of each color in the Gloss Value Pack! I love them all together, but also on their own. Each one is rich and beautiful.

  • My favorite thing about Gloss is the fiber content. It is 70% merino wool, and 30% silk. This blend is the reason I don’t mind working with it in the summer months! The wool helps the project be breathable, and long lasting. The silk adds a little shine, extra structure, and softness. It almost replaces the nylon in a traditional sock yarn. The shine is definitely its biggest feature though :)

Should you buy it?

There are so many things you could make with this yarn, but I would definitely recommend socks or headband. Though each skein is just 50 grams, it goes a long way! I highly suggest trying some...even if just one hank!

Try out this awesome yarn HERE.

YouTube Video Review:


If you decide to try out this yarn, let me know! Send an email to with your project plans :)

Until next time,

Amy Kate

*This post contains affiliate links, which allow me to make a small commission at no additional charge to you. Thank you!

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