Episode 43 Shownotes

I’m so happy to be able to provide these show notes for y’all again this week. Of course, if you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Finished Objects:

Sporty Shorty Socks

  • Yarn: Knit Picks Capretta Superwash in Magnolia Heather

  • Pattern: Sporty Shorty Socks by Claire of Perfectly Knotted

  • Notes: This is definitely one of my favorite sock patterns, and I plan on making more soon. They are just SO quick!

Works in Progress:

March Socks


  • Yarn: Knit Picks City Tweed DK

  • Pattern: stripes! By Andrea Mowry

  • Notes: Oh my goodness...I have been wanting to knit this pattern for forever. I am loving it so far!

Summertime Headband:

Design Talk:


  • Yarn: Cascade 220 in the colorway Icelandic Blue

  • Notes: Absolutely loving this new design!! This project is growing slowly since it isn’t my main focus right now, but it is going great!

Stay tuned, because I have got a brand new pattern releasing tomorrow!


Today I wanted to share an excerpt from a Lent Devotional my family is working through. It was so so good, and I hope you enjoyed hearing it ;)

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Until next time,

Amy Kate <3

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