Crocheted Sunshine Cowl Pattern Release and Tutorial!

It’s Pattern Release Day!

If you’re new here, you may or may not know one of my biggest 2020 goals. For the year of 2020, I decided to challenge myself to release one pattern every single week. Let me tell you...this is a lofty goal. But so far I have stuck to it, and I am so proud of myself! Throughout this journey, I have completely fallen in love with designing knit and crochet patterns. It is absolutely amazing to be able to dream up a pattern, make it, write it, and then PUBLISH it as your own. The feeling is one I will always remember. And thankfully, one that I continue to live!

The Pattern:

This week’s pattern is the Crocheted Sunshine Cowl. Have you ever wondered what sunshine would feel like if it was crocheted….well now you can know ;) You’re welcome. Cheesy statements ease the world’s stresses! But seriously. This cowl is SO much fun to make!

The Yarn:

For this pattern, I simply recommend ANY worsted weight yarn. For one sample, (the lighter yellow one), I used Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Cotton. It was actually white, and then my friend hand-dyed it with turmeric! How cool is that?

For the other samples though, and the yarn that I truly recommend for this pattern, is KnitPicks/WeCrochet Shine Worsted. You will need 3 skeins of this yarn (approx 180 yards) to complete the cowl. This yarn just works SO well for this pattern. It is shiny, smooth, and produces a great drape! I have a review for this yarn here on the blog, and on my YouTube channel, so you can here more about it there! Those things will be linked below ;)


One of the most exciting things about this pattern is that unless you are limited on yarn, you don’t have to check gauge! Of course, if you want your cowl to be the same size as mine, or again, are limited on yarn, you should. But it certainly isn’t a requirement!


Yes, you read that right! I have a full fledged TUTORIAL on my YouTube channel for this cowl! Be sure to watch and follow along. The stitch pattern is tons of fun, but can be just a tad tricky at first, so I am grateful and excited to be able to provide this visual aid. Click on the picture above, or click on the link down below to be directed to the video!

Download the pattern!:

You can find this pattern in my Etsy and Ravelry Shops, and I truly hope you go check it out. Even better, download it for FREE! Use the code “sunshine” at checkout on Ravelry to download this pattern for free for a limited time only! I hope you go check it out ;)


Pattern on Ravelry (code valid until 8/18/2020):

Pattern on Etsy:

YouTube Tutorial:

KnitPicks Shine Yarn Review Video:

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