Better Than Basic Ringer Tee Release!

If you’ve been following me for a little while, you probably know that I LOVE testing patterns. I love using the experience as an opportunity to meet new people (the other testers), work with designers, and learn more and more about different designer’s processes. I am so grateful for each and every pattern that I have been able to test! And let me assure you, this one is no different. Click the picture to watch my video ;)

The Designer:

Stephanie Erin, the designer by By Stephanie Erin is just amazing. Not only does she write incredible, easy to follow, and modern crochet patterns, but she is also just so fun to work with! I loved working with her, and the other testers, to help get the pattern to all the crocheters out there!

The Testing Process:

This was such a smooth test! I had one frustrating hiccup that I will talk about in a minute, but it was totally my fault. Insert the slap face emoji ;)

Other than that, it was smooth sailing! I got done with my tee before some other people, but I fully enjoyed still checking in with the group and seeing everyone else’s progress pics...and then FO pics!

My two favorite times in the testing process are these. 1) When everyone realizes they got accepted to test, are excited, and start choosing their yarn!

And 2) when everyone starts FINISHING the project. Oh man, I love seeing all the lovely pictures!

The pattern:

Are you ready to talk about this amazing pattern? The Better Than Basic Ringer Tee is a top down, circular yoke, crochet top. It has waist shaping to flatter your body, but you could also just skip it if you’d prefer. It uses fingering weight yarn, so it is perfect for this time of year. Slightly warmer than a tank, but not as hot as a sweater. It is pretty perfect ;)

My Finished Object:

Now let’s talk about MY tee! The yarn that I used is Yarn Bee Soft and Sleek DK in the color Dijon. Now, I know what you’re thinking...I totally just said DK. However, I was able to achieve gauge because this yarn is SO NOT a DK weight. It has well over 400 yards per 100 grams! If it were actually DK, it would have no more than 250 yards per 100 grams. I really am not sure what Hobby Lobby was thinking. Haha! But, it really doesn’t bother me. I have used this yarn in place of a fingering weight sooo many times, and it has worked perfectly every time. Now, it does work as a DK as well, you just have to go up a few needle sizes, and know that your fabric will be loose a drapey. Also, I just want to add here, I checked with Stephanie before I started using this yarn. Whether you get gauge or not, I encourage you to ALWAYS check with the designer before starting your project with a different weight. I had a plan B in mind, but Stephanie was awesome and even knew exactly what yarn I was talking about! Guys, it is so not a DK. It literally cracks me up!

I made the size XS/1. Now, if I were to make this tee again, I would go up a size, because I generally prefer more positive ease. However, it fits exactly how it is supposed to. Stephanie’s sizing is impeccable.

I love this tee, and I am so grateful and honored to have had the opportunity to test for Stephanie. I hope to do it again someday!

Now….go get the pattern. She is so generous and has put it for FREE on her blog, but you could also purchase the printable pdf version if you’d like. Do whatever works best for you, but let me assure you, Stephanie deserves every single penny of the pattern cost ;)

Check out these links!:

Purchase the pattern!

Find it free on her blog

Watch my video all about it ;)

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Follow Stephanie on IG ;)

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