Bella the Black Widow Pattern Release

It’s pattern release day!

If you’re new here, you may or may not know one of my biggest 2020 goals. For the year of 2020, I decided to challenge myself to release one pattern every single week. Let me tell you...this is a lofty goal. But so far I have stuck to it, and I am so proud of myself! Throughout this journey, I have completely fallen in love with designing knit and crochet patterns. It is absolutely amazing to be able to dream up a pattern, make it, write it, and then PUBLISH it as your own. The feeling is one I will always remember. And thankfully, one that I continue to live!

The pattern:

This little pattern is so special! Not only is it my first-ever amigurumi pattern, it is also my first ever collaboration with another small business!

This spider is worked from the top down, and the legs are attached as you're working down the body.

Because the legs can be a little bit tricky, I have created a tutorial to provide a visual aid!

The yarn:

The yarn is the highlight of this project. I used Wasted Yarns Hand Dyed acrylic in the colors Black Widow (the inspiration behind this pattern) and Purple People Eater. Don’t they look great together? Be sure to check out Wasted Yarns for more affordable yarn!

Download the pattern:

Are you excited to crochet this spider? I am so excited to say that you finally can! Head over to Ravelry, and use the code “spider” at checkout to download this pattern for FREE!

Download on Ravelry

Download on Etsy

Watch the Release Video

Watch the Video Tutorial

Check out Wasted Yarns!

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