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Bauble Ornaments | FREE Crochet Pattern

These festive crochet ornaments are the perfect last minute handmade gift or addition to your Christmas decor. I hope you enjoy this simple pattern!


  • 5 grams of any fingering weight yarn held double. Sample uses WeCrochet Palette.

  • 4.00 mm crochet hook

  • Scissors

  • Yarn needle

  • Ruler to check gauge (optional)


It is not necessary to achieve a certain gauge for this pattern, but if you’d like the same dimensions as the samples I suggest checking.

5 stitches and 3 rounds = 1 inch in half double crochet, worked in the round


ch: chain

hdc: half double crochet

slst: slip stitch

st(s): stitch(es)

*...*: repeat the instructions in the asterisks the designated number of times

Yarn Ideas

  • This pattern was designed using two strands of fingering weight yarn held together. However, any yarn would be beautiful! Use a strand of worsted for the same size ornament, or a bulky yarn for a bigger one.

Pattern Notes

  • Find the yarn used for this pattern here.

  • Take note that the slst and ch 1 at the beginning of each round does not count as a stitch.

  • When worked to pattern, these ornaments measure 2 inches wide and 2 inches tall. (without hanger)

Helpful Tutorials

Full Ornament Tutorial:


Make a magic ring and ch 1 (alternatively, ch 3 and slst to the first st to form a ring)

Round 1

hdc 8 sts into the ring. slst to the first st (8 sts)

Round 2

ch 1, hdc 2 in each st around. slst to the first st. (16 sts)

Round 3

ch 1, *hdc in the next st, hdc 2 in the next st* around. slst to the first st. (24 sts)

Round 4-6

ch 1, hdc in each st around. slst to the first st. (24 sts)

Round 7

ch 1, *hdc in the next st, hdc2tog* around. slst to the first st. (16 sts)

Round 8

ch 1, *hdc2tog* around. slst to the first st. (8 sts)


Cut yarn, and weave the end through the rem sts to close the hole. Tie a strand of yarn through the top if desired. Make as many ornaments as you want, gift them, and have fun decorating! Happy Holidays!

I hope you enjoyed following this pattern! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send an email to Don't forget to follow along on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook and to stay in the loop!

Until next time,

Amy Kate

*This post contains affiliate links, which allow me to make a small commission at no additional charge to you. Thank you!

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